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Rule reminders:


--Gate fee is $10 adults/$5 students/6-under free


--No outside basketballs.  Basketballs for teams should remain in possession of the coach.


--Only players currently involved in a game should be on the court.  Spectators should not come on to the court for any reason.  Players waiting to play a game may NOT come on the court to shoot.


--Coaches are responsible for their teams before and after their games.  Players and spectators should remain in the gym area and should not be entering other parts of the school facilities.


Walton – Cash Only

Etowah – Cash and Venmo

Wheeler – Cash and Cash App

Campbell – Cash and Credit Cards

Hiram – Cash, Cash App, Credit Cards

On Saturday Only, Hiram will also accept Zelle and Venmo


2/4/2023 – First round of the CCJBC tournament

2/18-2/19  – Final four weekend of the CCJBC tournament

DRESS CODE (strictly enforced)

Each Director should make sure all their coaches follow the dress code.


Acceptable attire for coaches: 

a. Collared shirt, ¾ zip with collar, or a pullover/windbreaker with program name/logo.  Zip-up jackets may be worn over a collared shirt. No hoodies or tees may be worn even if they have the program name/logo.


b. Jeans, khakis, slacks, or dress shorts. may be worn Track pants/sweatpants may not be worn with or without the program name/logo.  No pants with holes or gym shorts may be worn.


c. No hats of any kind.


d. Wear soft soled shoes or tennis shoes. (No sandals, flip-flops)


Don't know what region

find your team here ---->

Thank you and good luck to everyone in the Tournament!

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