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 2022-2023 Scoresheet is required for all CCJBC games

  • Scoresheets are required to be printed and given to the scorer's table 15 minutes before game time.

  • Scoresheets not printed will result in an administrative foul

Scoresheet must have the following:

  • The roster in numerical order

  • Players full name (first and last)

  • Game Information (Team - Coaches - Location - time - etc.)

  • Mark your starters WITH AN "X" (this can be done at the table)

Please enter data NUMERICALLY and print clearly.

To certify - ALL players have to submit to the league -

  1. (PR) Proof of Residency (major utility bill) 

  2. (BC) Birth Certificate 

  3. (SD) School Document that includes the player's address

Helpful Tips:

  • Please contact the visiting team on the Sunday of the week of your game to confirm dates and times. REMEMBER, REFEREES WILL BE PAID FOR FORFEITS!

  • The last day of the season is the last Sunday in January - all games have to be played by this date - or take a loss!

  • Region games ALWAYS take priority over games outside of the Region or the Conference.

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