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Cobb County Junior Basketball Zero Tolerance Policies and Procedures


Coaches are selected by your programs to be leaders of our youth, The CCJBC expects our coaches to “respectfully set the example” for good behavior, sportsmanship and professional courtesy.


Coaches are responsible for their conduct, their players conduct and the conduct of their fans in this league. The tone for subsequent behaviors is set and should be communicated by the Coach. Insist that your players and fans demonstrate good sportsmanship toward opposing coaches, players and officials.


It is inevitable that you may disagree with an official’s call. Do not make your comments personal, angry or derogatory, and once you have made them, move on! Taking this behavior to the next level and outside of coaching boundaries after a first technical will elevate the likelihood of instant ejection and a $250 fine, payable within 5 business days as the coach serves the league mandated 2 game suspension. The ejected coach will be unable to return to the bench until the fine is paid to the league by the program.


Coaches, insist that all of your players shake hands after the game and demonstrate grace in winning and dignity in losing. Do not teach, tolerate, or allow taunting of other teams, “trash talking,” or foul language at any point. Do not get confrontational with officials.


Athletes –your goal should be to compete at a high level in our league to the benefit of your team and yourself while representing your family at the same time. This should be done with respect and dignity. Trash talk, fighting and disrespect towards any official or with any opponent will not be tolerated.



Athletes -An ejection for “fighting” or for two technical fouls will result in your automatic suspension for the next 2 games, and possible further discipline. A second ejection for “fighting” or for two technical fouls during one Season will result in a suspension for the rest of the season, subject to the athlete’s right to an appeal


Fans –teams and your kids compete at a high level in our league. Our league expects you to cheer for your team but keep in mind that visible or undercover/off duty security will be present at CCJBC contests at the request of the board of education beginning this season. At no time will any fan be allowed on court during the contest unless summoned by an authoritative figure during play stoppage as a result of injury to their son or daughter.



Additionally, ejection from a game for misbehavior will result in your suspension from attending any other games in a Tournament; a second ejection from a game will result in your suspension for the rest of the season. Additionally you may be banned permanently from attending games.



Any physical contact with a game Officials, coaches, tournament Officials, or opposing players or parents will involve law enforcement and subject you to possible criminal prosecution and fines.

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